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Ready for the book to begin? You better be!

Getting a boost up the ladder is one of those precious moments in life when you actually feel like someone out there is “getting” you and your work. Come on, admit it. Everybody creative knows this feeling, whether you want to admit it or not. So it’s time to throw the confetti and make merry over the announcement of a promotion out in my lovely New Mexico. Over at ABC affil KOAT, owned Hearst Argyle, the new Assistant Creative Services Director is TONY D REED. Tony hails from Ft. Wayne, Indiana and his first few years in TV were spent as a News producer, using his University of Missouri Journalism diploma. He decided that News wasn’t where he wanted to be, and ended up getting hired out in the Duke city, where he’s working for CSD LARRY KELLOGG.
What’s Tony doing in his spare time? Looking to buy a house in the Northeast Heights. Lovely places. Can’t wait to see what new address he’ll find. Congrats Tony, and keep up the good work.

Hey, remember when I posted that PAUL IANNACCHINO was CD at USA Network? Well, Paul is no longer at USA, but is CD at inDemand Networks in NYC. The info I got was incorrect, and I passed it along just as I got it. So, if you need Paul, he’s at inDemand. That’s where you can reach him. Sure is.

Had a real surprise when I got hold of a new CSD down in Birmingham. She’s a lady who’s had no background in TV promotion, or TV for that matter, and does NOT want her name used anywhere at all. I promised her I wouldn’t. WOW, has this business changed! No, she’s not at one of the big net stations down there.

Thought to hold in mind and ponder: “Challenge is the core and the mainspring of all human activity. If there’s an ocean, we cross it; if there’s a disease, we cure it; if there’s a wrong, we right it; if there’s a record, we break it; and finally, if there’s a mountain, we climb it.” ~James Ramesy Ullman

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