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First Friday in November

Nov 3, 2006 by     1 Comment    Posted under: Uncategorized

Music City is, of course, Nashville. You know – home of country music and Nicole Kidman…the city where Reese Witherspoon grew up. Site of Vanderbilt. Oh, THAT Nashville. At Landmark Communication’s CBS affil, WTVF, ALAN ADKINS is the latest addition to the creative promo team. Don’t you love the AD part of the name…AD – Promos…get it? OK, not all my material is A list. The point of telling you about Alan is he’s a steal from the News Department and is going great guns in the Topical area, blending in with the promo team like a champ. Alan is a six-year veteran at WTVF and has been spending his time editing news. AA, as I have now dubbed him, is from the Knoxville area. All this great info comes from RICHARD ELLER, who has been heading up the Creative Services since he came over from Kansas City. Richard, btw, has a new title. He’s now Senior Operations Manager, with all the engineers and production folks reporting to him, as well as the creative gang. Way to go, Richard!

The Hampton Roads area of Virginia is very special to my mother’s family. They are from that part of the US, having arrived so long ago, they are part of the crowd called First Family of Virginia. It’s a great place to live and work, and my pal, Marketing Manager CUTCH ARMSTRONG, is an ace at keeping me informed of new hires at Cox Media there. The newest member of the promo gang is ROBIN HARRIS whose title is Promotions Specialist. She’s a real pro at the promotion biz, having been Promotion Director at Sinclair’s WTVZ in Norfolk and a promo producer at Viacom’s WGNT before that. Her diploma is from Norfolk State. What a lucky lady to get to be in the biz and stay in the Hampton Roads, too.

Seen that new Honda CRV spot where the black SUV turns white as popcorn pops inside it? It’s MUCH cuter than the description. Look for it.

Thought to hold in mind and ponder: “The only courage that matters is the kind that gets you from one moment to the next.” ~ Mignon McLaughline from THE SECOND NEUROTIC’S NOTEBOOK.

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  • Tell Cutch he can see the work of his old friend, Becky Dan, at http://www.stites.com. She’s another former Promoid who landed jelly-side-up in the private sector. Becky’s now Super Marketing Guru or something for a huge law firm based in Nashville. -rk-