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Monday November 6

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Two New at Nexstar, one from within and one from afar. SEAN REYNOLDS is a film guy. Went to Southern Illinois University’s film school and started out as an independent film producer in the Windy City. And if you’ve ever been in Chicago when it gets gusty, you understand just how accurate that nickname is. But we were talking about Sean, who’s married to the lovely Katie. She is, you guessed it, a documentary filmmaker. Besides, wine, traveling and architecture, Sean and Katie like, of course, movies and collecting movie posters. This all has a point because now Sean is applying his passion for film as the new Promotion Manager for WTVW, FOX 7, one of the top performing FOX affiliates located on that gentle bend in the Ohio River – Evansville, Indiana. Sean is no stranger to WTVW, as he’s been there for the past 4 years in commercial production. Sean is really excited about his new role and vows to bring a film-like quality to all the news promotion. Good idea, Sean. Share some of your spots! Now that one can email them…there’s no real reason not to do so.

ALYSON POWELL-WILSON, like many of us in promotion, came to Nexstar’s KARK, the NBC affil in Little Rock the long way via Omaha, Wichita and Jackson, Mississippi. Mostly, she was a news producer, which should serve her well in her new job at KARK as a topical producer. When not at work, Alyson and her husband, Jesse, and 7 year-old son, Jordan, love to watch movies.
They must get to know the Reynolds in Evansville.

Thanks PAUL GREELY for the excellent writing and good info. Now get back to that novel!

You’ve been doing planning for the election, right? Have plans for special Topicals, perhaps some POP action? Well, the MOST important thing you can do tomorrow is to V O T E. We can take on the subject of whether the voting machines will actually count your vote on a later date…

See ya tomorrow.

Thought to hold in mind and ponder: “”There is a place in each of us that is so beautiful, angels smile in its presence. _That presence is who you really are. When you can stand spiritually naked, look at yourself and like what you see, you have achieved a great feat.” _~Ron Rathbun from THE WAY WITHIN

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