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Wednesday Nov 8

Nov 8, 2006 by     Comments Off on Wednesday Nov 8    Posted under: Uncategorized

Get out your pencils, children. Time for a quiz. Where is the largest chest of drawers in the world located? No fair using your laptop to find the answer. Anybody? For those who gave the answer High Point, North Carolina – you are right! And you no doubt have the best furniture in your neighborhood. Yes, High Point NC is the furniture capital of the world, and does indeed have a 5-story chest of drawers. It also has a FOX O&O TV, WGHP, and they have announced a new Vice President of Creative Services. Stepping into the new slot is Promo Producer TIM TAYLOR. Name sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Well, this Tim is NOT the Tool Time Guy from ABC’s HOME IMPROVEMENT. This Tim is the guy who’s been producing at the central Carolina station since 1997. He first clocked in there in1985, having originally been a photojournalist in the News Department. He’s been married 21 years and his 19 year old is in college studying business administration. In his spare time, Tim loves his sports bike, also known as a crotch rocket. Cool. He sends his best to fellow sports biker, PHIL KRAFT up at WJLA in DC. Phil used to work at WGHP.

From the Wish I’d Thought of That Department…DYI Network has a new series that sounds like exactly the kind of thing most of my friends need. It’s called TECH OUT MY HOUSE and it’s all about explaining how the various technical gadgets we all love work, and how to install them in your house. You know, it’s a how-to so you don’t have to ring up your cousin…the one who always makes you feel stupid when you ask him to help you with your iPod or your laptop. Most families seem to have a tech snob in the fold, huh. Anyway, the show begins Nov. 21. Check your listings for more info.

Thought to hold in mind and ponder: Don’t tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results. ~ George S. Patton

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