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Thursday Nov9

Nov 9, 2006 by     Comments Off on Thursday Nov9    Posted under: Uncategorized

Let’s take a moment and go back in time. Not that far. Just to October. Time frame – World Series. Focus – the Cardinal’s victory. Wahoo! I’ve been a Cards fan forever, having grown up in a family that spent summer nights on the back porch, listening to their games on an old radio. Harry Caray, a former neighbor, called the games. When he took off for Chicago, Jack Buck took the mike. Baseball on the radio was magic. The boys in red, as they were called, were class acts who made the game important.

With the recent Series win notched on the Cardinals belt, fans of the Redbirds have come out to share their enthusiasm for the team. Isn’t it interesting that, with my radio memories of the Cards, the person who emailed works for an audio company. World Wide Wadio’s STEVE JACOBSON, now residing in LA, is a Cardinals man. He and Wadio’s PAUL FEY were at the first World Series game in the brand new Busch Stadium. HOW COOL! Yes, the Cards have a new stadium and that series pennant must look like a million on the new flagpole! The duo was also at the first Rainout. If you missed it, there were several rainouts.

LA has Cards fans all over. FOX’s ERIC POOLE and STEVE HAMMEL are from St. Louis, as is voice talent AMY McINERNY, who works with Paul’s wife at ELAINE CRAIG CASTING. BILL SCHULENBERG, who does sound design/engineering/producing for Wadio, is also part of the St. Louis Creative Mafia out there.

Back at home under the Arch, WALT JASCHEK is doing his creative thing. He’s a former partner of Paul’s and one day gave me great advice that I pass along to you as the Thought…

Thought to hold in mind and ponder: “Just like a plant, every few years you have to repot yourself so you don’t get root bound.” – Walt

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