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Wednesday November 15

Nov 15, 2006 by     Comments Off on Wednesday November 15    Posted under: Uncategorized

Tuesdays are not very special, as a whole. But yesterday was an exception. It began with a phone call from a TV promo guy who is as talented as they come. When he was my boss, he made me laugh while we all worked ourselves silly. PHIL MICHAEL has some very impressive call letters listed on his resume, such as #1 stations WBS in Atlanta and WSOC in Charlotte. For the last several years, he’s been in Savannah, making sure his daughter gets the special programs she needs. He was involved in non-profit PR, but now he’s looking for something else that allows the family to stay put. All you delightful Creatives can get those brain cells to come up with something. I’ll pass it along.

The perfect weather of San Diego is why that city is always tapped as the perfect place to live here in the US. I couldn’t agree more. The official San Diego website touts the city’s nickname as America’s Finest City. But jobs being what they are, one can’t always hunker down in such perfection. SARAH GARRISON is currently promo producer down in SD for the 11 pm news on NBC’s O&O station KNSD. But the peacock family made her an offer she can’t refuse, so she’ll be packing up and moving up the PCH to KNTV in the Bay Area. She’ll be promo producing for the folks in SF beginning Dec. 13. Like an early Christmas present. Her new job will bring her closer to her roots – she’s a Tacoma Washington girl who has her diploma from UofW. And yes, she loves the Pacific Northwest and those rainy soft days. Before she moved to SD, she was a promo producer at KIRO in Seattle, which was her first job out of college. Nice. In addition to winning her first Emmy this last year, she also completed her first half-marathon. On the horizon, besides the learning the SF area, is a full marathon. Hearty congratulations to you, Sarah. Keep in touch.

HUMBUG LIST continues to grow, the new addition is the Postal Service. I have NEVER been a fan of the PO (please, don’t bother to comment…sorry, but I don’t care if your family has delivered mail since the pony express days – today’s snail mail has no excuse) but now they are on the humbug list. Last night’s prime time was full of fake snow and some self-congratulatory message about the PO. Not buying it, and don’t appreciate the message. IF you have to be on the air at this point, it’s for planning ahead mailing, not ‘aren’t we great at what we do’ mailing. Remember, these are our tax dollars folks.

Thought to hold in mind and ponder “”A knowledge of the path cannot be substituted for putting one foot in front of the other.” ~M. C. Richards

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