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Monday December 4

Dec 4, 2006 by     Comments Off on Monday December 4    Posted under: Uncategorized

THIS JUST IN….please forgive me, but I have so wanted to do that, and now I can thanks to a wonderfully talented lady, KPRC’s ANDREA LAIGN. Her last name, btw, is pronounced “Lane” rhymes with cane. Anyway, the effervescent Andrea of the Post Newsweek Houston Creative Services Department has news that she’s thrilled to share. She’s going home to the DC area, taking the open Writer Producer slot with one of my favorite guys ever – STAN MELTON JR of ABC affil WJLA. She gave her notice just an hour ago (based on when this is written, not when you get around to reading about it) and will be back East to share the holidays with the family that has kept her phone bill anything but low. What does Ms. Laign have to say about her new gig, other than she’s thrilled and happy? “Finally, a safe place to be a Redskins fan.”

Meanwhile at the very same WJLA, we’re waiting to hear what PHIL KRAFT has on his dance card, since he will be heading back to the Miami market after working in the nation’s capital as well as Charlotte. Phil’s wife, a traffic engineer (isn’t that COOL?) has taken a job in Miami and he’ll be doing the Good Husband thing.

More about everything tomorrow. Stay warm if you’re in the Midwest, and stay cool if you’re in LA.

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