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Tuesday December 5

Dec 5, 2006 by     Comments Off on Tuesday December 5    Posted under: Uncategorized

Great news from Minnesota, and I’m not talking about the state landing in the number one slot on the Healthiest State List, although it most certainly did. Nope, I’m talking about the forward thinking decision at CBS owned WCCO. Their new GM, SUSAN ADAMS LOYD (a local girl who was thrilled to come back North after spending career time in Florida) was faced with replacing the Creative Services Director when WENDY MCMAHON stepped up to Boston. After observing and listening, the aforementioned Ms. Loyd decided to try something different and split the job between two folks already on staff. Handling the Branding portion of the station is gifted CASEY KESPOHL while handling the Production portion will be SCOTT WOOLDRIDGE. Yes, they both miss Wendy, because there are times in one’s career when it all comes together and the three were in that magic space. However, the eye-turning creative and impeccable production will continue.

Meanwhile, as a celebration of sorts, CASEY took a week off (end of book, of course) and went to Malta. Now, I have never known anybody who’s gone to Malta, so hearing about it was most intriguing. The Illinois native (from the Quad Cities) enjoyed the blends of culture and was most impressed with the ancient city of Medina. He spent time wandering this beautiful place, seeing only three people all day long. Obviously, there are no cell phone towers or wi-fi outlets, so it must have been the ultimate in relaxation. Yep, an island in the Mediterranean is the place to get away from it all. Must ask him if he has pictures.

Think about this: “Traveling is almost like talking with men of other centuries.” — René Descartes

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