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Wednesday December 6

Dec 6, 2006 by     Comments Off on Wednesday December 6    Posted under: Uncategorized

Egads…the blogger site has been down all day. AND they changed the way they have you post. WAY too much change for a blog, but there you are. So, let us begin.

Wow…another baby has joined the ranks of KOP – Kids of Promotion. Welcoming a little girl just three weeks ago was CBS Detroit’s PAM SHECTER. She’ll be back on the job the end of January, and will have the entire holiday season to enjoy her new bundle of joy. How exciting. Thanks to Promo Manager MARCY RIBIT for the happy news.

In the lovely Carolina coastal town of Wilmington comes word of a new Promo Manager. STEVE KLEM is happy to stay put and not have to leave this lovely part of the world. A film guy who’s worked on DAWSON’S CREEK and the feature 28 DAYS with Sandra Bullock, Steve is using his background in the world of TV now. He’s at Morris Network’s ABC affil WWAY. Originally from the DC area, the Maryland side, he’s glad to have chosen a life filled with fewer cars and more seagulls. I hear ya. Congrats and keep in touch!

The welcome mat is out for CATHERINE MORAN, who’s walking into Comedy Central as VP of Consumer and Trade Marketing. The NYC based gig will put the CTAM Marketing Council member at work after her jobs with USA. AMC and SciFi and her latest, Lifetime. Way to go. Comedy Central must be a hoot to work with, n’est-ce pas?

And finally, sad news from LA. RONNIE LIPPIN, the president of entertainment PR firm The Lippin Group, died from a rare form of breast cancer Monday at Cedars. She was only 59 and was, as they say, the ultimate dynamo. It’s hard to imagine such energy no longer with us. Her husband, Dick Lippin, will continue to run the biz, known as the PR agency to the stars.

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