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Wednesday December 13

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WMAK is located in the lovely Tennessee hamlet of Knoxville, noted for being home to the University of Tennessee as well as gorgeous vistas of mountains. It’s also home to WMAK TV, a dedicated independent channel. MATT WATERS heads up Production and Promotion there and he was kind enough to let me know about his new hire. Joining as new commercial producer is LINDSAY BROWN, a local lady who he grabbed from across the street at WBIR, Gannett’s NBC affil. Lindsay also moves up in responsibilities, having graduated from being a Production Assistant. According to what I hear, she’s bright, ambitious, knows the market, and is getting the full Welcome Aboard treatment at her new station. Great way to wind up the year.

Is it a guy thing to think that being the Marketing Manager for an all-sports cable channel is the ultimate job? I mean, wouldn’t most guys jump at a chance like that? Seems they would. And that means that MIKE STANFORD has achieved the ultimate in his gig at Catch 47, the 24/7 sports cable channel out of St. Pete, FL. It’s part of the Brighthouse Networks. Mike has worked in Texas, in lovely San Antonio, at News 9 as well as CBS’ KEYE in Austin. His last job before taking over at Catch was at NBC affil KNWA and KFTA in Fayetteville, AR. Shall we ask him if he has one of those red plastic Pig Sooie hats? Ok, let’s not. Enjoy the beautiful Gold Coast of Florida, Mike. Spring training is just around the corner!

For those of your talented tots who are into interactive design, you might want to check out the FACS about the Communications Arts Magazine competition. Just click on: http://www.commarts.com/CA/magazine/comp/

And a thumbs up congrats to BARBARA BLANDIARDI’s new SVP status at NBCU. She’s now handling strategic marketing across the entire NBCU stable.

Think about this: “first cousins may marry, but DOUBLE first cousins may not. Double first cousins are very rare, as the couple have to be related as cousins through both parents.” – North Carolina State Marriage Requirement. (No, I am not making this up)

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