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Friday December 5, 2007

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I told you about long-time Promo boss RONNIE MINTON, didn’t I? I think I did; yet my trusty iBook can’t find it. In an effort to totally catch up and organize this year, I’ll do a quick recap. Ronnie is now with Chattanooga’s NBC affil, WRCB owned by Sarkes Tarzian, doing that creative direction thing he does so well. And he has been for a bit. Check that off the list…

That bad boy billionaire Bob Bass (and yes, that was most fun to write. Try saying it out loud several times, fast.) has written a large check and now owns himself a string of TV stations. Bob of the oil inheritance and Fort Worth address, is now the owner of the Times stations. All 9 of them. Bob once owned a huge chunk of Disney stock. I think he’d love to be part of that glitter of show biz.

What was it like in New Mexico during this last huge snowfall? Up Santa Fe way, SARA DIAZ and her hubby were snowed in with over 30 inches of the white stuff. Gorgeous pictures. I’m learning to post pix, so perhaps I can do that soon. Meanwhile, down in the Duke City, it was a struggle to get folks to stations. Reporters were snowed in on stories. But the kids at Hubbard’s NBC affil KOB were all present and accounted for. And did they have news! GER DEMAREST, who’d been leading the creative efforts, has left the biz. He’s now selling modular housing. Taking the lead, if not the full title, is VINCE GASPARICH, who’s been at the station as Ass’t Promo Manager. He’s quite the artist in his own right, so New Mexico is the perfect locale for him. The Sandias have brought some exciting talents to the Land of Enchantment, and KOB has landed them. EVAN WRIGHT, who’s been writing and producing for LA’s KCAL as well as editing for the popular SURVIVOR show, is now working his magic at TV Plaza. KATIE WARTHAN left Indiana behind and her old gig at Nexstar’s FOX affil, WTVW and loves her New Mexico work. And MICHAEL PRIVETT used the snowy driving skills he developed growing up in West Virginia to get back and forth from his place to KOB. Michael has been working on both the West and East Coast, for Paramount on Melrose as well as for A&E’s NYC creative folks. Mrs. P is also settling in as Business Manager of KOB, which tells me that the Promo folks will never be overlooked when it comes to expense reimbursement! You are all lucky folks. Everybody stay in touch, and I’ll see you when the snow melts.

Thoughts to keep in mind and ponder: “I believe there’s nothing we can know except that we should be kind to each other and do what we can for other people.” ~ Katharine Hepburn

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