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Friday January 12, 2007

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AMY JENKINS has been creating promos in Albany for a few months now, but I’m just getting around to tell ya’ll about it. Amy hails from Owings, Maryland (OK, for those who want to mapquest it, it’s near the Chesapeake Bay, Southeast of DC and looks like its ideal) and had been with CBS in Greensboro, NC, WSMY. Amy made the move to the Albany area. Albany, btw, is the state capital of the Empire State. CSD LISA JACKSON at Freedom Broadcasting’s WRGB has her toiling in the creative trenches and everybody seems very happy about it. For those who know SARA DIAZ, Ms. Jackson and Ms. Diaz are voice twins. Really, voice twins!

Atlanta-based promotion agency GREAT! has upped DONNA BRITT to GREAT! Marketing Director in the Nashville office and NICOLE YODER to GREAT! Marketing Director in the Atlanta office. GREAT! Does TV buzz marketing campaigns and some kind of travel stuff.

Think about this: “Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.” ~ Isaac Asimov

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  • perfect quote for these times

  • perfect quote for these times…