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Wednesday January 17, 2007

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The downright bizarre weather has impacted so much…oranges are going to become the Bentley of fruits, at least for a little bit…studded tires are in great demand in climes where the words ‘stud’ and ‘tires’ were never used in the same sentence…commuting to an office becomes a challenge rather than an everyday occurrence…closets full of clothes perfect for 72 degree weather are now making room for coats, mufflers and mittens…and the regular ebb and flow of info on new jobs and new beginnings is thrown off. Yep, the pace isn’t happening like normal. But I’m sure it will right itself soon. Meanwhile, listen to news from the Turner folks.

Turner Entertainment has promoted KATHERINE JOHNSON to SVP/Promotions & Marketing. Cool. She’ll be creating marketing ideas that will focus on TNT, TBS and Court TV. And who will she call boss? LINDA YACCARINO, who is EVP of Ad Sales and Marketing.

Think about this: “Wisdom has to do with our relationship to the whole, to the cosmos, to nature, to both the feminine and the masculine powers of nature. Wisdom is, finding the balance between head and heart, upper chakras and lower chakras, earth and sky, masculine and feminine, joy and sorrow, yin and yang, energy and rest, human and divine, cosmos and psyche.”
~Matthew Fox

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