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Friday, January 19, 2007

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Gannett’s CBS affil in DC is W*USA and they’re welcoming MANNY ALVAREZ to the fold. He’s come from “across the street” at WJLA where he was Topical Producer. That’s his role at his new station as well. Manny’s done topicals at such places as KGO in SF and KDNL in St. Louis, before they took the news folks and told them to go home. Big thanks to Director of Marketing STEVE HOUK for the info.

Meanwhile, over at WJLA in the slot that was Manny’s comes word that DEBORAH PREITKIS is going to be coming east from San Francisco. She’s been working as a news producer at ABC’s KGO in SF and will be following her boyfriend to the nation’s capital. He’s in government work. Thanks to STAN MELTON, JR for the heads up.

And no…I don’t want to talk about the snow in Malibu. It’s tooooo freaky. But I will tell you, one and all, that Segway scooters are IT! Not the It from E-bay, but the IT from the movie terms long ago, meaning All That And Some. You GOTTA try ‘em. Like floating. Now that I feel like I’ve conquered the way they work (very sly…it’s all in the feet and balance), I’m ready to tackle that huge outlet mall outside Palm Springs! It’s more than I can imagine….Should you not have one handy, give me a buzz and I’ll tell you why they’re a great promotional article for your station, and could even pull extra duty doing news and production. And no, I’m not selling them, but a client of mine is!

Think about this: “The only limits to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today. Let us move forward with strong and active faith.” ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

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