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Thursday, January 25, 2007

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When most folks are sitting in Chicago in February, looking out their windows and seeing the dark, gray, coldness the Second City is famous for in mid-winter, they dream of packing up and heading for some Florida sunshine. The Tampa Bay area is a favorite choice of Midwesterners seeking sun and fun. Well, one such Tampa resident is doing the reverse. PETER GEORGE is heading north from his gig as Promotions Manager at Hearst’s Tampa indie, WMOR – destination Chicago. He’ll arrive just in time for all the Super Bowl fun, which, ironically, will be played in Florida. Peter is a Philly guy who began his career as a photog in State College PA, WTAJ. He then went into promotions at nearby WGAL in Lancaster before heading to WJZ in Baltimore. That’s when he got an offer at Orlando’s WRDQ/WFTV, part of the COX station array. So where is he headed in the Windy City? I was getting there – don’t be so cranky. He’s taken the slot of Promotion Manager at FOX owned WPWR, aka MyTV 50. His last day in Tampa is Friday. Great to hear about this, Peter (one of my all time favorite names, btw) and you MUST check in with your new contact info when you get to your new office. Congrats!

Speaking of Super Bowl, you won’t want to miss the Special “Super Super Bowl” columns that will follow the game: America’s best venue for commercials, and football. I’ve asked a great group of some of the most talented folks in the biz to comment on what spots they love, and even hate, and they’ll be sharing them with ya’ll the days following the game. Stay tuned.

OMG…what is up with coyotes in LA!?! True- the LA TIMES had a story about it. In Hancock Park and near bouts. This is NOT the boonies, for those who aren’t familiar with LA. Word from the Miracle Mile is that it isn’t a coyote at all…it’s just somebody’s collies run wild met up with some diva homeowners. Don’t you just LOVE LA???

Think about this: “I like these cold, gray winter days. Days like these let you savor a bad mood.” ~ Bill Watterson

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