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SuperBowl Monday, February 5, 2007

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With all the news out there this morning, like JEFF ZUCKER thisclose to being named head of NBC, and LEE HUNT sliding into the head seat at PROMAX/BDA, the focus is on those Super Bowl spots that many of us had anticipated. If you’re reading this, you are THE experts on how to create, write, produce and art direct messages that hit a goal and reach a consumer. Have you ever sat down and added up the number of spots you do in a month, a year, your career? You’ll plotz, as they say, it’s so many. Well, with those kinds of notches on your creative belt, you’re the GoTo authority on what spots were worth the $2.6 million in last night’s game. All this week, we’ll be featuring your assessments. Let’s start with the first one, arriving in the InBox moments after the game concluded.

From RUSS NELLIGAN, Creative Services Director of ABC affil WCVB in Boston:
“There were sloppy plays, missteps and more than a few fumbles. Yes sports fans, Super Bowl advertisers put in one of the worst performances in years.
Careerbuilder.com set expectations high by creating a teaser campaign announcing the end of their monkey spots. The monkeys had the last laugh. While Careerbuilder.com vastly upped their production value, they were unable to match the primates for memorable spots and message.
CBS booted big time with some very weak spots for Katie Couric. “We hear a lot about what’s wrong with America,” Katie coos, “Watch this week and we’ll give you good stories.” Great opportunity to move the needle on Katie’s show is completely squandered.
GoDaddy was weak. Sierra Mist was miserable. And can anyone tell me about a company called Garmin? (It was the monster movie genre spot selling GPS… just brutal.)
There were a few bright spots too. Bud Lite turned out a decent crop of spots. “Language Class”, “Slap”, “Auction Wedding” and “Rock vs. Paper” were very nice, but not earth shattering. Doritos spots were okay. Letterman on the couch with Oprah was nearly my favorite and at five seconds, clearly the most efficiently delivered message.
My Super Bowl winning spot comes down to two well-produced, well branded spots: Toyota and E-trade. Toyota made an arresting spot, demonstrating Tundra’s acceleration and stopping power, with an amazing heart-stopping ride on a test track from hell. E-Trade effectively showed what can be done with one finger. “Cheer your team, save Holland, make a trade and tell your broker what you think of him”. In my estimation, Toyota wins the commercial Super Bowl in a squeaker.”

Moving to the West Coast, we hear from CHAD MALLAM, Writer-Producer-Editor for Universal Television in Los Angeles:
“Only a handful of good spots this year. Here’s my favorites…
1) Doritos – Live the flavor.
Definitely my favorite spot…not only was it done for $12.79, but the concept was great for the product. Laughing out loud at this one…
2) K-Fed
Very funny…another great concept, but I don’t remember what was being sold. Insurance?
3) Blockbuster – total access.
Clever way to sell Blockbuster online, and pretty funny too. But not sure how animated rodents relate to renting movies…the spot made me laugh, but the message was weak.
4) Letterman & Oprah ID
Well played. Great job from the Network.
5) Taco Bell
All I know is there is some new Carne Asada thing at Taco Bell…loved the script on this one. Great sell by the lions, and quite memorable.
And then the bad, downright ugly commercials.
1) Sierra Mist.
All around poorly executed. Too much concept with no relationship to the product.
2) Chevy
Not sure why everyone was singing, or what they were singing about…but it didn’t make any sense.
3) Garment GPS
This was hard to watch…a giant evil map? Power ranger style super hero? Thought this was overly produced with gratuitous special effects that didn’t sell the benefit of having this GPS device over any of the others on the market.”

RANDAL GAGE, the Creative Services Director of ABC affil KOCO in Oklahoma City was with friends and sent this:
“At our party the consensus was disappointment – no real breakout spots – but there were a few nice moments. Fed Ex’s Mr. Turkeyneck got big laughs. Dave and Oprah was the best from the network. The NFL’s Hard to Say Good-bye captured the season ending fan pathos of “wait till next year” and had great fun with Brett Favre’s looming retirement.”

More tomorrow, so come on back.

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