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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

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So this SuperBowl was the #2 most watched. One of the male football fans who watched the game with me kept excitedly saying that the rain made it a real game…that there wasn’t that fake feeling on the field. The elements made it a real sports struggle. Interesting point. He also maintains that NO football should be played in covered stadiums, but that’s not the point of why you’re here. With all that’s been written and aired, encompassing what appears to be all forms of media, I honestly believe that the Promotion folks who have been so generous about their time and professional assessments – those are the real GoTo folks when it comes to creative assessment. So we continue with insightful assessments from all over the country. And we’ve got more coming tomorrow, so you won’t want to miss DAVID HERSHEY from KTVT in DFW and PAUL GAULKE of Media General, among others!

From SULTAN MIRZA, Promotion Producer at CBS5 in San Francisco, CA:
Some might say the ball game is filler to the highly anticipated, star-studded, animal-speaking, humor-charged Super Bowl of commercials. So, who fumbled and who scored big? Thumbs up to the “Bud Light – Hitchhiker” spot. It pulled me in and told a story with a nice comedic payoff. I also loved the highly produced Coke spots, “Love” & “Assembly Line”. Nice graphics and a classy finish. The “Bud Light: Gorillas” and the “Blockbuster: Mouse” commercials were laugh-out-loud funny. And a well-deserved honorable mention to Doritos for a catchy user-generated commercial. Consider this, the “Doritos: Crash the Super Bowl” commercial cost about $12 bucks to make, the cost of four bags of chips. Now that’s food for thought!

From down San Diego way, what was The Studio at Kilby Pond’s owner RONN KILBY’s thoughts on the spots?
“My take on this year’s offerings: Overall, not that stellar. Many were impressive, most were uninspiring. But there were a few that stood out for me.
“The one that wins the “Wish I’d Thought of That” award is the Sprint “Connectile Dysfunction” spot. Perfectly produced parody of the “E.D.” commercials, and it works great for the product. Slick and memorable.
“Coke got me with their Black History Month spot. Clean and simple, With crisp copy, they tastefully marked Black History milestones, ending with a reference to the historic significance of the two black coaches in the day’s game.
“Another Coke ad gets my “Special Effects” and art direction awards – “Happiness Factory” blew me away with technique and style. But when the coke bottle meets the end of it’s incredible journey (tumbling out of the coke machine), I got a bonus grin.
“Best promo goes to Letterman. Dave snuggling with Oprah on the sofa watching the big game was for my money one of the most surreal moments on TV.
“But the “Cutting Through the Clutter” award goes to a spot you probably didn’t see. It was a local spot in a local break, for a San Diego company called Jobing.com (I think they also have an office in Phoenix, so you may have seen it there as well). It started off as all their spots do, an attractive gal addressing the camera. 4 seconds in, it looks like a technical train wreck. Bars, then tape glitches, then the SLATE. I literally went “WOW” as I imagined people getting fired, the “make good” of the year – I mean WOW. Then after about 20 seconds of this, a white screen with type says “Your Career is Important to Us.” (dissolve) “This Commercial is Not.” (dissolve) Jobing.com. You can see it here: http://www.box.net/public/static/zqaj9eaxoc.wmv “

Meanwhile, in DC which is a city known for taking their football, and media, very seriously, we get this great report from STEVE HOUK, Director of Marketing at W*USA, a CBS affil who ran the game.
“Overall a pretty lackluster batch of spots this year in my opinion, but perhaps that makes the really good ones stand out even more.
1. Snickers spot with the two guys “kissing”…very funny and memorable, plus you remember what it’s for (the key) considering that’s why they kissed! Unforgettable. My chest hair hurt after watching it.
2. Loved the K-Fed Nationwide spot! If he didn’t poke fun at himself it would have been a bust, but very funny payoff by virtue of his self-deprecation.
3. Sierra Mist’s Beard Comb Over Man: I still can’t get that guy out of my head with his hair, short shorts and roller skates. Their Judo spot was not funny to me.
4. The consumer-submitted Doritos spots were very good. I especially loved the Checkout Lady one, excellent casting, and you remember what it’s for with her crunching on chips throughout. The Driving one was well done too.
5. Chevrolet Car Wash: a freshman in college submitted it and hit a home run.
6. Budweiser Fire Dog: Very cute. Well produced and again, memorable. Animals always sell the product if the spot’s conceived well. I want that dog!!
7. Bud Light: Did not like the Rock Paper Scissors or the Slapping one, but the Hitchhiker was very funny. “He’s got an ax!”
8. Letterman/Oprah tease was fantastic: unexpected and full of their “history.”
9. Goulet and Emerald Nuts? Staying with their bizarre themes; I loved him on the ceiling at the end. Can’t go wrong with Goulet and his “weirdness.”
10. Careerbuilder.com’s Jungle Office spots: I bet they spent a ton of money on those and they were a bit much. Pretty extravagantly done, but again, kind of exhausting.
11. We produced a very funny, campy spot for our main news talent that was a take off of the old NFL Films stuff that aired right after the 2nd quarter that I thought cut through the mix, although it was preceded by a minute of CBS promos which I didn’t know about, and I was dying at home waiting for it! You can see it on our website: www.wusa9.com

From DALE WYMAN, Director, Creative Services & Production at KVBC in Las Vegas: “I’m always preaching to my promotions peeps to “don’t lose the message in the production!” Apparently, national advertisers have NOT attended the Dale Wyman School of advertising etiquette. Too much production and not enough sell. Overall, I have to say I was disappointed. I probably was expecting too much.

Okay, off my soapbox.

Here are my top spots…
1. Bud Light hit the mark with (in order) “Reception (The Auctioneer),” “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” “But He Has Bud Light! (The Axe Man)” “Fist Bump (Face Slap),” “Class Mencia,” and “Great Apes.” All funny – all had viewer benefit.
2. A close second for me was Blockbusters “Plug in the Mouse.” Funny, clever, and a good sell.
3. “Snickers.” Memorable.

Missed the boat, and the sell…
1. “CareerBuilder.com.” Over-produced. Not memorable.
2. “GoDaddy.com.” …Although Marketing can be that fun!
3. “Doritos.” Too many messages. I wasn’t humored. (I have a feeling I’m getting booed on this one.)
4. “Coke.” I expected more.
5. “Budweiser.” The sad little puppy didn’t do it for me (even though one of our producers worked on the editing.)
6. “Orange County Choppers.” (Bet you don’t even remember.)

1. “Sprint – Connectile Dysfunction.”
2. “Fed Ex – Moon Office.”
3. “E*Trade – Bank Robbery.” Caught me off-guard.

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