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Thursday, February 8, 2007

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We’ve got our final group of Super Bowl impressions. And are they ever on target. Of all the spots in the game, I remember the Dalmation on the beer truck and the Toyota pulling and stopping power. Now, on to the group:

LEC COBLE, Director of Marketing for KOLD News 13 Tucson, AZ.
Sierra Mist, funny, memorable and product prominent in all spots.
Career Builder, themes most employees relate too: fleeing seminars, battling for promotion and job evaluations. Set a feeling and their product offered hope.
Fed Ex, Moon Office proved once again “wherever you are FedEx is there”. Music cue up as ship entered made FedEx the hero. Humorous end made it memorable.
HHR Chevy/Men Dancing, favorite among women. Quote from many “A women’s worstnightmare come to life”. Don’t know if it will help sales.
Best movie commercial, Wild Hogs probably fit the audience perfectly (men 40ish) and hit way too close to home (Harley Wide Glide in my garage).
Significant impression, Coke and Frito-Lay. Acknowledged black history month and the significance of the game. Coke did a better job of branding.
Best series, Bud Light: Auction Wedding, Fist Bump, Hitchhikers, and English Class. Memorable, Water Cooler talk, shot of product filling glass was very tempting and made me thirsty.
Best spot to sell their service, Blockbuster cartoon family. Easy to understand, repeated attributes more than once. I know their point of difference over NetFlix.
Best looking spot, Coke play off of Grand Theft Auto video game and sort of touched back to their old “Buy the World a Coke/Peaceful Harmony” spots of years ago.
Favorite, Doritos Car Crash Spot. Memorable. Water Cooler Talk. Product prominent. Know their attributes.

From KELLY DONNELL, Director of Creative Services, WVUE, New Orleans.
“I only saw two talking animal spots this Super Bowl so it was a good year. Here are my top 5 picks and the worst of the day.
1. Emerald Nuts: Any spot that re-launches Robert Goulet’s career and encourages snacking on the job gets my vote. Combing a goblin-like character with a washed up lounge singer made this spot weirdly fascinating. I saw the Google banner ads for Emerald Nuts earlier in the day and was primed to watch their spot.
2. Fed EX / Ground: I liked this spot because it addresses a real marketing problem: the product’s name sounds slow. The spot includes an office full of characters that look or act just like their names. The gags were funny, the message stuck with me, and I suspect this spot was good medicine for the product’s name problem.
3. Toyota Tundra / See Saw & Steel Door: A pick-up truck doing death-defying stunts on giant steel sets in the desert. What makes these spots different from other truck spots? …Danger! and isn’t that more interesting than mullet-rock anthems? I hope they work fire and snakes into their next commercial.
4. Career Builder.com: If your job has become a scene from The Lord of the Flies it’s time to move on. The chaos at the jungle office was a great way to suggest a career gone feral, and I predict this spot will prompt many people to enter the job market. (What a coincidence that you’re checking Graeme’s newsletter today.)
5. Bud Light / Slapping: Why do all men love the three stooges? Because seeing someone slapped is hilarious. Monday morning I drove by a bus stop and saw two schoolboys stage slapping each other. I think they were imitating this commercial, too bad they were too young to drink.
6. Worst Spot of the Day / CBS News with Katie Couric: All that talk about telling what’s right with America is code for News for people who don’t like News. Do we get a spoonful of sugar with every story about Iraq ? Katie Couric doesn’t deserve to be cast as a cheerleader. I’ll keep getting my cynical News from Keith Olbermann.

From PAUL GAULK, Vice president of Marketing for Media General Broadcast Group.

“Overall the Super Bowl spots did not live up to the game on the field, maybe for the first time in many years. There were no great surprises or gee-wiz moments. This might be due to all the attention these spots get these days, but enough analysis… what were my favorites?

“I would have to say that my favorite one that has stayed with me is the Bud Light Hitchhiker ad. It had the best acting and funniest pay off with the hitchhiker with an ax being afraid of a hitchhiker with a chainsaw. That’s brand devotion to pick those two guys up on a dark night.

“The one spot that was just as disturbing as the Snickers commercial but more interesting and not quite as predictable was the Chevy HHR ad. This was the one with the men surrounding the new Chevy HHR on the street including one old man who should not be taking his shirt off. The music (It’s Getting’ Hot in Here) and the directing made this spot pretty fun.

“If you want a spot with real user benefit in it, go back and look at the Toyota Ramp ad. While it’s not too crazy, it shows how Japan is setting its sites on winning the truck buyers of American. They are not doing it with wacky ads or corny songs from John Melencamp. This spot is from a series of ads they have been running targeting the truck buyer. They are focused on what truck buyers want (probably researched based) and how Toyota is delivering. It’s just good marketing from Madison Avenue we all should follow.

“The best spot saw in Movie Theater first goes the Coke Videogame ad. It’s just a great ad, which would have done better with me if I had not seen it before the game. But it just leaves you with such a good feeling, which is the goal of the spot and the campaign.

“The best spot from CBS… no doubt it was the shock of David Letterman and Oprah together!!! It was very memorable and so Letterman. And the worst from CBS!!! Could you believe the boring spot from Katie Couric. We discussed this at work on Monday. It didn’t do anything to help Kate out at all. She is known as the “soft” entertainment reporter from the Today Show. So what do they sell? The CBS Evening News has good news stories from across American. I just can’t wait to tune in for that!!! We expect more from Katie and CBS.

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