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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

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A lot of you are reading this while snow is falling outside your window. Or maybe you have an icing event (which for the life of me makes me think of everybody in town putting frosting on a cake). All the while your weather guru is telling everybody not to drive. How about some hot news from the Southwest? Word in from Tucson about promotions. CSD STEVE HARRIS has upped one and added another at his ABC affil desert shop. First, Graphic Designer ROBERT VILLELAS has been promoted to Art Director. Robert is a native Tucsonan who has worked for KGUN for over thirteen years, thus proving that 13 can be a lucky number indeed. Also KELLI SCHNEIDER is singing in the creative choir as the new Promotion Writer/Producer. She also has been around the “Old Pueblo” a few years, having previous worked for KOLD and a short stint a KGUN a few years back directing newscasts.

Yesterday, BRAD MOSES rose from marketing to GMship, and today comes word of another such ascension. JANE WADE, who has marketed such stations as WFLA in Tampa, WLKY in Louisville and WKRN in Nashville, is headed to her first Boss Chair. She’ll be the new GM at ABC affil WISN in Milwaukee, taking the place of FRANK BIANCUZZO. Frank, you might remember, has a background in marketing and promotions and well. Kudos to Gannett in their realization that such great talent is cooking up creative ways to lead.

Nice story on CBS Boston CSD WENDY MCMAHON in TV NEWSDAY. Good read for branding and promo types as it details how she redefined and polished and changed, etc, the station in Beantown.

Blow your socks off editing on that new Sopranos promo that ran on Sunday night. Wow. I would point this out to youngun’s who want to see examples of editing that works. This isn’t ‘flip it, spin it, put it in a box’ for the sake of movement. This is editing that moves the story along and intrigues the viewer. As a fan, I can’t WAIT for Tony & Co to return.

Hold this in mind: “You look good. No, you look better than good. You look like a weatherman.” ~ Hank Hill

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