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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

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Down in Elvis’ hometown, Memphis, comes word that MATT GREGANTI has been handling the Art Director duties for Raycom’s NBC affil, WMC. He got the bump to fulltime after being a part timer at the station. Yes, he holds a degree in design from the University of Memphis. Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if that school had as its mascot Elvis? Way cool. But, of course, that might cost an arm, leg and hips! Ha! Thanks to CHRIS CONROY, CSD at MC for the info.

You like ducks? I like ducks, and I mean the cute little wiggle-their-bums ducks. RONN KILBY, the super talented writer-producer and owner of the Studios at Kilby Pond in Valley Center, CA (near San Diego, dahlings) loves ducks, too. So much so, he not only has them living at his pond, but also has done a delightful music video. It’s an “Ode to” sort of situation. Check it out. Go to www.ronn.kilby.com and click on the Music Video button. Enjoy!

Is it Boston or is it just bad thinking when it comes to marketing done there? My beloved Dr. Pepper is so important; I only frequent establishments where it’s on the menu. Seriously. I even lecture when it isn’t available, before I take leave or order a martini. I should actually WORK for Dr. Pepper marketing, especially in light of their recent marketing gaff. They could use the help. Of course, it happened it recently Cartoon Net burned Beantown no less. Seems DP put together this treasure hunt event with a rare, expensive coin hidden in the historical Granary Burying Ground. Show of hands on who can, with just this much information, elaborate on why this is NOT a good idea. Contestants scurrying around on the make for the coin would disturb the highly regarded, historical resting places of such luminaries as Paul Revere, John Hancock and Sam Adams. Uh huh. Anyway, the lessons learned come down to COMMON SENSE. Where’s Thomas Paine when you need him? Think before you get involved in a project that could shoot you in the foot instead of polish your brand. To quote HOMER SIMPSON, Doh!

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Think about this: “The very nature of the mind is such that if you only leave it in its unaltered and natural state, it will find its true nature, which is bliss and clarity.” ~ Sogyal Rinpoche from The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

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