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Friday, March 2, 2007

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It didn’t seem that long ago that LORI TERWELL was adding ASBURY to her name, leaving FOX, moving to Atlanta and generally repotting herself. Well, now she’s repotting herself in a very creative way! Lori has been named Senior Vice President, Marketing and Creative Services for HGTV. Part of this repotting finds her moving to Knoxville, where Scripps maintains a fab office complex in which management takes place for all their cable nets, like HGTV, DIY, Fine Living, etc. It’s a great story, seeing as she started her TV career in Oklahoma City, her Cornell MBA in hand. In addition to OKC, she’s worked in Miami, Chicago and NYC for CBS. Her FOX gig found herself overseeing the creative efforts at 35 stations, coast to coast. This new title and task is a perfect “Next Step” for her. Best of luck, Lori, and hearty congratulations.

Versus, that guy kinda channel out of Stamford, CT has named a new VP of Marketing. And such a great Irish moniker: RYAN DONOVAN. Best of luck to ya, lad.

Speaking of great Irish names, KEVIN REILLY over at NBC is another. And he’s smart too…just signed a multiyear deal to stay with the peacock net as President of programming. One of his recent choices is The Black Donnelly’s, which had the best first half hour of TV drama I’d seen in years…what a pilot. Give it a look. And here’s some unsolicited advice about the upcoming Posh Spice/Mrs. David Beckham reality show about the perils of moving from London to LA. An anorectic, unsmiling heroine who has millions and won’t have to pack one single box or organize as much as a garage sale isn’t exactly someone most women want to spend time with. I can’t see men tuning in, since her chest is as flat as West Texas. So…perhaps it will be a comedy….?

Lots of great news came into the Inbox, so Monday will be a day you won’t want to miss. Stay safe this weekend.

Think about this: “The golden opportunity you are seeking is in yourself.” ~ Orison Sweet Marden

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