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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

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Know what the coolest part of writing Well Dunne is? Running across Creatives who have a sense of humor. Folks who can make you laugh while communicating info. Lets face it, humor is becoming a rarer and rarer commodity in today’s high stress world, and there’s just no reason for it. Thank heavens for a guy who sums up his promo career this way: “15 domiciles, five towns, one wife, three kids, three cats, 2 cars, 6000 miles and too many TSRs to count since I started this racket…you can have the cats and mortgage – I keep the rest.” LOVE IT! And the it in question is none other than Kansas City native JASON KNOUSE, who’s sitting in the main creative chair at Journal Broadcasting’s KIVI in Boise. Told you about him last week, but he was kind enough to fill in all the blanks…and he did it so VERY well. More from Jason: “Son of career cop – grandson of a career Navy Seaman (hint: foul language is a theme) – fell in love with the Rockies – finally grew up at 28, got a job, wife and kids — now I sell Newshounds and airwaves (my grandmother calls it “snake oil” – I don’t get it…you?).” He’s worked in Boulder, Bend (OR), Tucson and Topeka before Boise grabbed him. He’s a big fan of Bob Marley, The Grateful Dead, and KELLY DONNELL, who’s spinning promo magic in Nawlins. Kelly, he asked me to pass this along: “Thanks for the big-break and hope you’re still enjoying the scotch, my friend.” Jason, you are keeping alive the tradition of the late, great JOHN TISCHENDORF who worked in Boise and kept me laughing for 20 years. God bless ya!

Bravo BermanBraun. Just weeks after announcing their partnership, GAIL BERMAN and LLOYD BRAUN have announced their nascent company has a first look deal at NBC and all their various entertainment outlets. Great job. Their offices on the Westside open sometime this week.

CYNTHIA LITTLETON, a lady who knows most everything and everybody in the world of TV entertainment is turning in her laptop at The Hollywood Reporter and walking across the street (and down a few blocks, actually) to write for Variety, where she has written before. She’ll be Deputy Editor for news.

Hear that the Geico Cave Man of ad spot celeb is getting an ABC Network pilot. Hey, how come the gecko didn’t get first shot at a series? Huh? He was around first. Plus, a CG star is always so much easier to work with, seeing as there’s no agent, no aging, no makeup and no wrangling involved. Don’t you think that little lizard guy is adorable, for a reptile and all? Just askin’.

Think about this: “When you look for the good in others you discover the best in you yourself.” ~ Deleted source by mistake (my bad…KB)

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