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Friday, March 9, 2007

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It’s an important day for KOAT writer producer KEITH BACA. Yes, he’s the new guy at the Hearst ABC affil in Albuquerque. The Los Lunas (isn’t that name evocatively beautiful?) native, who holds a degree from UNM, is also a filmmaker. At 11:20 this morning, New Mexico time, he’ll be showing a short film he’s made at the Filmapalooza Film Festival. One of the attendees watching this film is Alexander Payne, the director of SIDEWAYS. Isn’t that cool? Needless to say, Keith has a background in film as well as TV. Right out of college, and an internship time spent in California, he landed at the WB out there as a part-time guy who tagged and bagged spots. He learned, hung in there, and ended up running the creative end of things over a 2-year period. At that same time, the NM film industry was booming, and he ended up taking a series of film gigs, including the dreaded PA, which led to being a Production Secretary, Assistant Coordinator, and Production Coordinator. Worked on the feature NORTH COUNTRY, a Tom Arnold movie as well as ABC Family’s WILDFIRE. He loved film, but missed the creative feel one gets when you use and then see your own creative energy on the screen. Let’s face it – feature films are NOT the spot to see your creative ideas come to life. So when the KOAT opp showed up on the horizon, he grabbed it. Now, he writes, produced, edits and then watches his visions hit the smaller screen, while making films for the big screen. His 27-minute effort is called “Spectrum” and he promises to let us know how it goes. He also promises to look up ANTON KOZIKOWSKI, who left KPIX in SF to become an indie filmmaker in the Land of Enchantment. Congrats, Keith. And you will SO love working with CSD LARRY KELLOGG and Ass’t CSD TONY REED.

Oops…another one got out of the TV Promo racket. DAN CUPAK, who has been promoing at WBTV and WCNC in Charlotte closed the door and is now selling log cabins. That’s what I hear and that’s all I know.

Spring forward this weekend. Yeah, like I really need to lose an hour’s sleep. Oy! As much as sunlight on my shoulders makes me happy, cry even…so does a good night’s worth of zzz’s. Enjoy your weekend and meet me back here Monday.

“Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers,’ Grow, grow.’” ~ The Talmud

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