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Monday, March 12, 2007

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Bright and early this very Monday, SCOTT NOVASIC walks into the KCBS/KCAL combo in market #2 LA to begin working as the Design Manager, under Art Director OTTO PETERSON’s discerning eye. Scott is totally excited, and has found the coolest place to live in, of all places, downtown LA. The architecturally exciting new digs are just down the street from the Staples Center. Which means, since LA is the city of angels AND cars, that he has a reverse commute. Scott has come west from his gig in Chicago at the FOX O&O, where he worked for JIM MARKETTI. He and the wife spent some time in Orlando, so they got to drive across country on I-10, stopping in Tucson, outside San Antonio and somewhere in the Florida panhandle. Mr. Scott has a lot of great praise to heap on the value of relationships and networking. You can ask him about it. He’ll be hard at work turning out some of the best art I’ve seen in quite some time. Those folks in LA are smart to grab him. Scott, you enjoy the new gig…make sure you get to Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles (it’s an LA tradition)…and say hi to CSDVP MARSHALL HITES.

You reading this from the DC area? Well, got something for you do to tomorrow night. I know…a school night. But you’re over 21 and all grown up. I give you permission. Head over to hear Second Wind, the band that boasts WUSA’s STEVE HOUK as the lead singer. They’re scheduled into the Sweetheart Club on Route 50 in Fairfax, VA. Be there.

Think about this: “How can you move through a sticky situation? By letting it move through you, unencumbered by your beliefs or fears. ‘I am not in it’ is Maya Angelou’s favorite affirmation and can go a long way towards unsticking yourself from the Velcro of attachment to circumstances. There is nothing in it that is a part of you. Say ‘I am not in it’…and set yourself free.” ~ Greg Barrette

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