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Thursday, March 15, 2007

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That DC market…always something interesting going on. JIM LADAS, who heads up the creative team at FOX’s WTTG, has welcomed a new writer producer to the fold. The gentleman in question is someone Jim’s worked with before. ROBERT RODRIQUEZ has migrated north from Miami, his hometown, to work with Jim and crew. It’s the first time Robert’s left the tropical world of Miami. He’s been at Sunbeam’s FOX affil down there, WSVN. Yes, for those with a good memory, Jim was at WSVN before heading to DC. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Several Creatives have made the transition to DC, finding themselves again working with Jim. Glad one and all are happy. A big Well Dunne to Robert, who is NOT the film director, but works wonders with video. His first day is April 2.

Another DC tidbit…WUSA’s STEVE HOUK and his band tore the place apart. OK, perhaps that’s a bit over the top. Let’s just say that applause, cheers, dancing, and a bonus were on Steve’s agenda Tuesday night when Second Wind did a gig. Way cool. Amazing how many musically talented promo folks are around. LEE MINARD out at Vegas’ KLAS is a writer, producer, manager and musician. Great combo.

Well Dunne! to the two ladies who have one of my fave websites: televisionwithoutpity.com. Bravo just bought it! SARA BUNTING and TARA ARIANO will continue to be the editors of the popular site, which gets over 30 mil page views monthly. The two blogging moguelles (that is the feminized version of mogul, btw, and I just made the word up) are handling this via long distance: Bunting is in Brooklyn and Tara is in Toronto. That’s so new world business plan, isn’t it?

Think About This: “Your life becomes an adventure when you embrace the newness of each day.”
~Greg Barrette

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