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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

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March is a month with an “R” which means it’s crawfish season down along the Gulf Coast. These mudbugs, as locals call them, make for a great evening when mixed with Cajun music and cold beer, or Diet Dr. Pepper if you please. I mention the whole crawfish situation because 1-it would be great to find some, with the accompanying music and beverage and 2-had a great conversation with DARYN BOULERICE from down New Orleans way. Yes, it’s the same Daryn who came floatin’ down the Mississippi from Little Rock, where he headed up the Creative Services for Clear Channel’s FOX affil, KLRT. What’s he doing in NO? Heading up the creative efforts for Tribune’s duopoly, ABC affil WGNO and WNOL, aka CW38. Daryn is a true TV guy, who counts Syracuse and San Jose as stops on his journey. He’s a native of upstate NY. And I mean upstate. Like within a rock’s throw from Canada, eh. A French Canadian by nature, he has a cousin that played NHL hockey. The French background helps down in Nawlins, of course. Since his arrival, he’s added a few to his department.

ROBERT HANNANT has a background from the agency side of life. He’s done national commercials and lived in Dallas and NO. Robert decided to take a turn at the TV end of things and sent a reel to Daryn. Robert is now happily producing spots and everybody seems very happy.

Joining Robert in the writing producing area is NOAH AUTHEMENT, who is a Louisiana man through and through. He’s from Houma and spent time up in Alexandria at FOX affil KNTZ. The move to Trib put him closer to home. It also found him officing on the top floors of the Trade Center at Canal Place. The panoramic view of the city is breathtaking, I’m told, and no doubt inspiration.

The hat trick member of the team is BEN GORMAN who’s whipping up commercials. He has quite a history, having worked in TV since the time he was 12 and ran camera for his grandfather, a well-known evangelist. There’s no part of production he hasn’t laid hands on.

BTW, former CSD LIZ WHITAKER is up in DC in a non-TV related job. Bet she misses NO big time, even with the excitement of DC at her feet.

So there you have it. New Orleans is coming back and coming back strong. There’s nothing more inspiring than watching what the American spirit can do. Well Dunne to the entire team down there! Keep me posted.

Think about this: “Each willing effort is sufficient to move the soul.” ~ Greg Barrette

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