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Thursday, March 22, 2007

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The dogwoods are in full bloom in Atlanta right now, transforming the city into a wonderland. No matter what kind of pictures you see, or how much someone describes spring in ATL, you have to be there to get the full impact. Worth the time and effort. Such is the world that MARK BRADWAY has entered, having moved to town from 11 years down Miami way. Mark is the new Assistant Creative Director for the FOX owned station and he’s been on the job for three weeks. He’s settling in nicely and is looking forward to bringing the wife up from S. Florida. She is excited about finding a new home and shopping the outlets in Dawsonville. That is, indeed, a real plus for those who love shopping and bargains. Back to Mark, who’s a real Yankee. He hails from upstate New York. His degree-getting at Savannah College of Art and Design brought him to the land of Sun and sweet tea. He’s hooked and I guarantee he’ll never shovel a snow-covered driveway again! He reports to relatively new Design Director STEPHEN JANSA and they both report to the lovely CSD KATHY SOIFER. Well Dunne!

Rainbow Media’s Lifeskool and Sportskool has a new VP of PR in the form of MARIE STENBERG, who’s been doing PR for Cablevision out on Long Island. She calls ELLEN KRONER SVP Corporate Communications boss.

Getting on the Avid Customer Reel is like grabbing the gold ring. Like winning a sum with a comma in it on the scratch off lotto ticket. Like…ok, you fill in that third one. You’re creative or you wouldn’t be reading this. The Avid Customer Reel for 2007 will include pal RONN KILBY’s “Really Works” spot he did for them. Yep, Ronn’s work right up there on the big screen with all those Hollywood Blockbusters. How cool is that! Well Dunne!

Think about this: “By the accident of fortune a man may rule the world for a time, but by virtue of love and kindness he may rule the world forever.” ~ Lao Tsu – Chinese Philosopher

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