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March 26, 2007

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Out in Sack-a-Tomatoes…. I mean Sacramento, CA comes word of a new hire. GENE ROBINSON, CSD at Hearst’s KCRA and KQCA (NBC and My58 respectively) has a new writer producer and he’s a Darling. No, he’s REALLY a Darling…NATE DARLING. Gene found Nate through the Hearst grapevine – via ownership sister station WPTZ. It’s cold in WPTZ country – Plattsburg, NY, which is waaaay upstate. The NBC affil covers Vermont, too. One of the reasons for the big market size jump for Nate could be the fact Sacramento is hovering in the 70 degree range and just this AM, WPTZ reports a brisk 33. Welcome aboard Nate. Hope to hear from you soon. And good news from Vermont, thanks to WPTZ – maple syrup season is off to a great start!

Making the switch from Big Time PR at Ketchum Public Relations in DC to cable news is MICHAEL MURPHY who has been named Senior Manager, Media Relations at FOX News Channel, same city.

For those of you who track such things, and want to phone me in lieu of the preferred email missives, shoot me one of the aforementioned emails and I’ll share the new number

Think about this: “It’s not yesterday’s regrets, nor tomorrow’s challenges that matter–only the infinite possibility of today.” ~ Linda Knight

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