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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

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State capital of Florida is Tallahassee, located in the panhandle portion of the state, up along the Georgia and Alabama borders. Beautiful this time of year…azaleas abloom everywhere you look. Home to Florida State University, it’s a great place to raise children and enjoy life. That’s exactly what MARK BARCELO and his family are doing. Mark is the new Promo Manager at Sinclair’s WTWC, the NBC affiliate. Originally from South Florida, he migrated north from the Miami area, and he quickly became involved in producing a syndicated TV series. “Travel & Garden TV” had a run of several years, during which time he got to travel and shoot gardens. His production side experience will come in handy, no doubt. Welcome to TV-side marketing, Mark. WellDunne!

I can’t make this up, and I’m very creative…a toilet paper holder for your bathroom that also serves as an iPod holder. I swear. It’s a stereo dock that has the added feature of holding your TP. Cost, $208 plus change, shipping and handling. You can get the link if you want, just ask. It might be the one iPod accessory that Graeme Newell (an early adapter who is a true iPod man) doesn’t have…yet.

“Time is something you spend everyday, but it cannot be bought at any price. You spend time on everything: yourself, loved ones, family, friends. The time in your life is priceless. What determines what you spend your time on?” ~ Ron Rathbun

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