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Friday, March 30, 2007

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Who says you can’t go home again? RICK SWANSON, who heads the amazing group of Creatives up at KING in Seattle, has hired CHERYLYNNE CROWTHER. She’s an alum of KING, so her return is, indeed, a homecoming. With the new title, Director of Integrated Creative Services, all signs point to responsibilities that are very forward thinking. The much-awarded folks at KING are acknowledging the exploding role web-based marketing plays for creative services. At her new desk since Monday, Cherylynne will see that the KING folks move past the traditional in their promo efforts. And, btw, she’s been dubbed “Awesome”. What a compliment! Cherylynne hasn’t been un-busy since she was first at KING. In the interim she was VP of Marketing and Communications at MSNBC, and full-time mom to two little ones. WellDunne one and all!

More West Coast moves. Getting a promo from Disney-ABC Cable Networks Group is ERIC COVERT, whose new title is VP/Creative Content and Production, Disney-ABC Cable Networks Group. His boss is ADAM SANDERSON, SVP/Brand Marketing.

What with Passover and Easter on the calendars, WellDunne is going to be frolicking amongst the fresh blooms and generally Spring Breaking. So you can come and visit the site, but there are no guarantees any new news will be here for the next week or so. You, however, can share your news with moi by emailing movers@602communications.com

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