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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

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Hello kids! Been enjoying the spring and the flowers and…oh, wait. Yeah, well, there WAS that snow thing going on in the East. And the Midwest. And the South. And Texas. Sigh. Word has it that the unseasonable and unwanted cold temps may do away with the peach crop this season. Not that I’m keeping track, but has there been a GREAT peach season since 1978? I think not. Pity. Well, I missed you all, despite my frolicking and relaxing.

I did sneak away to my computer to check emails and found some great news awaiting. So let’s put on our sharing hats and see what is going on.

The Warner Brothers lot in Burbank is one of those Hollywood wonders. A college-like campus of creativity, it is, turning out show after show. Which leads to the need for creative promotion, which leads me to our Man of the Day – JOSEPH JOHNSON. Middle initial “C” – and no, I don’t know what that stands for, but perhaps he’ll share. Mr. J is the new Creative Director of On-Air Promotion for Warners, part of the Worldwide TV Marketing group. Wow. It’s a promotion for Joseph, who joined the Bros in 2006 as a Sr. Writer Producer and was thrilled to get this promotion around the first of March this year. The Burlington, Washington (state) native has been freelancing in LA for some of the best studios and shows around. From FX’s RESCUE ME and THE SHIELD to Hallmark Channel and ABC, JJ has spun his stylish magic. Now, he’ll be handling the broad Warners’ scope under the direction of ERIC SHIU VP of On-Air Promotion and KAREN MILLER, SVP of Creative Services. All from his office in the Triangle Building on Pass and Olive. Well Dunne!

Brand Central, whose name is worthy of a round of applause, is full of new folks. Joining the LA based company (on the Westside, you know) are VP ERIC STEIN who was with Taffy before finding the new gig, Licensing Manager ANDREA BRENT who comes over from 20th, Marketing Manager HAZEL BROWN who has a lovely British accent and was over at Universal, and as Licensing Associate – KIMBERLY HOWELL.

And I am damn near breathless that the one, the only George Clooney is not more than a few miles from moi at this moment, shooting a new film. Do you think it would be pushy to ride the Segway up and down in front of the location in hopes that someone would take note, invite me on the set, and voila, it’s George and me forever?? A girl can dream. But if you don’t hear from me tomorrow, don’t call.

Think about this: “Only when the last tree has died, and the last river been poisoned, and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.” ~ Cree Indian saying

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