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There’s a lot of talk, speculation and downright “grab a crystal ball” prognostication dealing with the Future of TV and Future of TV News. Well, actions speak louder than words, and one of the action figures who is doing something about the NEW WAY WE WATCH TV is CRAIG FIEGENER , who is using his roots and background to create a new web-based business. Called instantriverside.com, the portal is a TV newsroom without the tower, focusing on news in the Riverside area of SoCal. Even though it’s part of the LA market and there are news bureaus for the stations, the main focus of TV coverage was always something big: fires, huge auto crashes, etc. A former KCBS TV news guy, Craig was born and raised in Riverside, which is part of what is called the Inland Empire…that huge area east of LA and inland from the Pacific, made up of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. If you’ve never traveled through IE, you’ll be amazed at the hugeness of it all. Come on, I bet you’ve been out there at Six Flags or something, huh? Or on the way to Vegas. But we digress. Let’s get back to Riverside, where Craig is taking his on-air reporting skills and focusing on what’s happening there. He’ll provide more local news with a hyper local focus. It’s not TV news, but it will look just like it. He has a great promo piece running on the site in anticipation of the official May launch. He’s coined the operation “Instant, Intelligent Information” Bravo Craig. Well Dunne.

Meanwhile, down in Tampa, #1 rated NBC affil WFLA, the flagship TV station of Media General, is going to cut 15 slots. No word as to what those slots are, or if they involve the creative end of things. But this announcement comes right after MG announced they were going to do hyper local news blogs on their site.

Some quick notes: ELIZABETH HILLMAN was VP of communications at Discovery Channel. Now she’s been promoted to Senior VP of communications for Discovery as well as Science Channel.

Stardust Studios hired MIKE EASTWOOD as executive producer of its New York office. ALAN BIBBY was promoted to creative director; KINDA AKASH was named senior art director; LINDSAY YACURA was named producer; BRAD TUCKER was promoted to creative director; and NEIL TSAI was elevated to design director. Yes, Stardust does broadcast design. Check out their website: stardusttv

Think about this: “Each of us sends out positive or negative vibrations, often without being
conscious that we are doing so. What if we made an effort to be consciously positive, to resonate messages of the highest good for others and ourselves? What if we made a deliberate attempt to keep our thoughts aligned with God’s spiritual optimism, to refuse to be stuck in self-centered fear? Our thoughts speak louder than our words. In order to change what we create, we must change our thinking. We must mind our mind.” ~ Albert Clayton Gaulden

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