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Friday, April 13, 2007

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Friday the 13th. Oy! Are we going to hole up and allow the day to pass by, hopefully unheralded and negative-free…or are we going to take on the “Thank God It’s Friday” mentality and seek out the day’s adventure? Your choice.

I am so bad. Back when I had a great chat with FOX DC’s JIM LADAS, he told me about two hires he made and I wrote them down…then they “disappeared” until just yesterday. Apologies out to RALPH RENDON, the new Sr. Producer and RACHEL BRESLOF, the new Topical producer. The two came aboard and yet seemed overlooked. It was my bad. DC’s a vibrant market and there should have been more fanfare. When they call me back, I’ll fill you in on these two talents, who are no doubt enjoying being part of Jim’s crew.

Down in terrific Austin, Texas comes word from the effervescent RONNE ROCK that her #2 at KXAN, the NBC affil, has left the world of TV and landed himself a sweet gig at Dell Computers. CHRIS LEWIS is using his production skills to produce packages for Dell’s online business channel. Cool. And to quote Ronne, “it’s the perfect spot for a self described computer/techno-geek.” Who has been tapped as the News Promotion Manager? Come back Monday and find out!

After consulting for a months, TAMMY GOLIHEW has taken the #2 slot in the publicity area for WBWTM, aka , Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Marketing. Her official title is VP, publicity. Before going to work for the Bros, she was with BNC Public Relations where she worked on work for FOX’s show “House” and NBC’s comedy “Scrubs”. Way to go Tammy!

From the online side of the world, MARK BAUTZ is the new editor-in-chief of TV Guide Online. He’ll handle all editorial and broadband video content for TV Guide Online. It’s the new wave of what creatives can do. His last gig was with People.com.

And a WellDunne to MADDIE HENRI, the new VP of Original Programming for HGTV.

Got news? Put down your milk and shoot me an email to tell me all about it: Movers@602communications.com

Think about this: “To think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted.” ~ George Kneller

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