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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

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It’s official. TODD LONG is heading to the steak capital of the US, namely Omaha, Nebraska. Please do NOT email me with your story of steaks, but thanks for thinking about it anyway. Back to Todd. He’ll be taking on his first job in management when he sits in the head chair at KMTV, the Journal CBS affil in Omaha come April 30. Congrats, Todd. Of course, we all know that WARREN BUFFET calls Omaha home, and it’s been rumored he has several bucks in the bank. Oh, THAT Warren Buffet! The Cornhusker state will find the Longs closer to their Missouri roots with this move. After being in red-hot Phoenix, he said he’ll actually look forward to some snow. Great to hear you’ve found just what you and your family wanted. Well Dunne!

Lovely SF by the Bay is home to CBS’ KPIX and their creative team. They are welcoming ERIC RAMIN to the fold as a Graphic Designer. His last job was a telecommunications supervisor in the Army, as in US Army, where he was also a sergeant. A salute going out to you, Eric!

I do believe the name Magical Elves is even better than Can’t Sing, Can’t Dance. Both are production companies in LA, dahling. Magical Elves does such shows as Project Runway and Last Comic Standing. Well, they not only win this month’s Name Game, but they also have a promotion to announce. SCOTT SHATSKY is the new VP of Branded Entertainment. Scott has been a Sr. Producer until the bump upstairs title-wise.

Up in New Yok, where the rain has been afallin’, comes word that ALEXANDER DUDLEY is now the Senior Director of Corporate Communications for Time Warner Cable. He’s been a Sr. VP at Park Avenue’s Dan Klores Communications, where they do PR for such brands as Kate Spade and Brillstein Grey Entertainment (read Seinfeld).

Don’t forget to keep me in the loop when you have a new job, a change of direction, new clients or even a fun achievement to share! Movers@602communications.com will do it.

Think about this: “A friend is someone who knows your song, and sings it to you when you’ve forgotten it yourself.” ~ Alan Cohen

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