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Monday, April 23, 2007

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Happy Monday morning! Wanted to start the week off with an announcement. Thanks to the creative idea of LEE COOLEY,who sent along the Marshall Hites / Apple video link last week (see below and check it out yourself) Well Dunne! is announcing a new segment, available to one and all for free. Yep, no cost to you whatsoever. No sales people will call. No strings. Nada. Lee suggested that this is a great place to network and find “missing” colleagues. You know…the place to come when you say, “I wonder what happened to So&So, the writer” or “remember that sales guy who could gargle ‘Dixie’ – where is he today.” So if you’ve ever wondered what happened to someone you liked, here’s the place to ask. Sometimes, Google just doesn’t work. We’ll all chat and email and even IM and post and perhaps find that missing person. The title is simple and easy: MISSING PERSON. Just send an email with that as the subject and we’ll see what we can find out. Two emails – no waiting. Movers AT 602communications.com or kate AT welldunne.net

MISSING PERSON: And our first missing person is MICHAEL GOODMAN, who was a sales type down in Houston as well as Atlanta and did a stretch at a rep firm in NYC. Let me know if you know of his whereabouts.

Took no time at all for DANA KLINGHOFFER to get to the Manager, Media Relations job at the FOX News Channel. She had been Sr. Publicist and began as a Media Relations Coordinator. It’s a NY based job. Well Dunne! Dana.

How time flies. Talented writer/producer CHUCK HARRELL at Oakland’s FOX affil KTVU celebrated his first anniversary married to the beautiful EMMA just this last weekend. Talk about romantic…the two slipped off for a quiet weekend in Carmel, CA, one of the most gorgeous locales in the country as well as the city where Clint Eastwood served as mayor.

The gene pool is amazing when you think about it. For instance, the highly talented On-Air Manager down at Dallas’ WFAA is LARRY WATZMAN. The talent doesn’t stop there in the Watzman family – his twin brother is a major event in the world of Big Time Advertising. Cool.

Think about this: “When you are in a low, there is a proven method of moving your consciousness up to a new high. Spend time in the silence of your heart, and let the winds of your inner spirit lift you!” ~ Greg Barrette

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