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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

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Top of the morning to ya, everybody! First, let’s blow out the candles on MATTHEW BACON’S cake. My son’s birthday is today. Seems like just yesterday he was born in San Antonio Texas, making him a native Texan, eligible for special license plates. No, really, they do that in Texas.

Talking with MEGAN HANNIGAN is like taking a quick vacation – she’s bubbly, bright and her enthusiasm is catchy. She’s headed to Media General’s CBS affil WSPA and sister station WYCW in Greenville, SC to head up their Creative efforts – official title Marketing Director. As a matter of fact, she starts next Monday, April 30. A Missouri lady, who hails from the St. Louis area, she has that good-as-gold Mizzou Communications diploma and it’s served her well. She has the added bonus of having actually worked in a newsroom, so she knows the nuances and pitfalls involved in promoting news. She decided to take the creative path when she was producing news in Springfield, IL on 9-11 and, like many of us, decided to take a new look at what she was doing on the planet. Since then, Megan’s worked helping hone the creative message at the FOX startup in Tulsa KOKI and as a Topical Producer at Belo’s KMOV in St. Louis. She’ll be heading to Greenville from her current slot as Marketing Manager at CBS affil WRBL in Columbus, GA. Well Dunne! Ms. Hannigan. You ‘ll love scooting down to Atlanta for shopping. Keep an eye peeled for the Kevin Costner-financed golf community, too! He plays there, quietly, at least once a month when he isn’t doing a film.

Entertainment PR firm Andrew E. Freedman welcomes BETSY WAGNER HOFFMAN to senior VP after her stint at Goodman Media International. Also, TARA STEELE has taken leave of rep firm (or as I love calling agents offices Tenpercenteries) Endeavor where she was Senior Council for publicity. Of course, it’s LA, dears.

Cute spot alert! It’s got Shrek, Donkey, the cat AND one of the M&M characters. Cat and Donkey are doing that animal thing – you know, that thing they do when they have peanut butter stuck to the roof of their mouths. Well, Shrek is watching this, turns to the M&M and wants to know “who gave them peanut butter”. OK, I loved it. You can decide yourself.

Think about this: “We must accept that this creative pulse within us is God’s creative pulse itself.”
~ Joseph Chilton Pearce

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