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Friday, April 27, 2007

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Things are hot in DC, and I don’t mean between the two parties! Got to spend time talking with the energetic PAUL SHERNO about his new venture in the capitol. It’s Albritton in nature, housed in the same locale as WJLA. Local Point TV, where Paul is VP of Digital Content, is the short form TV channel. The spot for local musicians, comics, producers and filmmakers to spotlight their works. Commercial free with revenue coming from the embedded info, Local Point TV is out to restore star power to local TV stations, without the hassle of dealing with agents! Paul, who says DC is where he spent his deformative years, is working alongside a familiar name: MATT SOBOCINSKI. His Aunt is Magid’s BARBARA SOBOCINSKI. Give Paul a jingle and he’ll tell you all about Local Point, and even give you good reasons why your station should syndicate their biz model! 703-236-7903.

Remember when SANDY YOST (now Sandy Gehring) was doing local TV in Norfolk? She’s now at ACME, where she’s taken on the GM title for the nationally syndicated morning television show “The Daily Buzz”, which airs on 140+ stations.

MARC GROSSMAN has joined Taffy Entertainment as Director/Public Relations in the Woodland Hills office. He will report to CYNTHIA MONEY, President/Worldwide Consumer Products and Marketing. Now THAT is a name that sales folks should notice.

Those crazy ratings people at Nielsen have a VP/Communications slot for advertising purposes. Why would they advertise? Aren’t they basically a total monopoly? Makes no sense to me, but it must make sense to PATRICIA ANDREWS-KEENAN who they hired to do just that, plus Community Affairs. It’s in the Windy City, office-wise.

Sad to hear of JACK VALENTI’s passing. I met Jack a few times and he was quite the gentleman. Had that sparkle in his eyes that captured your attention and alerted you to the fact he was smart and witty.

Think about this: “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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