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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

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Sometimes, the Universe just hands you a prize. Such was the case when I got the following email from STEVE DEES, the head creative dude at KHOG/KHBS, which is branded as 40/29. He got it all down for ya’ll AND he didn’t need editing at all. So take it away Mr. Dees: Catching up in Fort Smith & Fayetteville, AR, home of Wal-Mart, the Arkansas Razorbacks and the future U.S. Marshals Museum. First, a word about the market and the station. Fort Smith and Fayetteville (and further north, Bentonville, headquarters of The World’s Biggest Company) are separated by the Boston Mountains (part of the Ozarks) and roughly 50 miles. Two transmitters, two newsrooms, two control rooms for every newscast, one promotion department.
Creative Services Director Steve Dees welcomes two new Promo Writer/Producers, DAVID CHAPMAN and CHANCE HAMBRIGHT. David started during February ratings (baptism by fire!) and Chance began a few weeks later.
David hails from Camden in Lower Arkansas (“L.A.” as they call it down there) and earned a BA degree in Mass Media from Henderson State University. He has worked as an editor for two national cable programs before arriving at the ABC affil. David’s very productive; he and his wife Amy are expecting in October. We’ll keep a good thought, David!
Chance grew up in Spiro, OK, watching 40/29 (remember those two transmitters?). Since then, he earned his degree at Full Sail in Orlando. When not promoting the market’s news leader, Chance enjoys writing and singing his music (he’ll burn ya a CD). He was already at KHBS-KHOG in Master Control creating vids for his eponymous website, which turned some heads in a recent contest on Yahoo.com. Now that he’s jumped into the promo world, we hope his current work turns heads in Grey’s Anatomy! And oh yes, he’s heard ALL the jokes about his name. A Major Well Dunne! to you, Steve, and your two new hires.

Anybody know TODD ANTHONY? He just got hired as creative director at CNET Entertainment, where they do Gamespot, MP3.com and TV.com. I guess that will be in SF…

Who can’t love a guy who has an IMDB listing both Host – America’s Funniest Home Videos and a role as an alien on Starship Enterprise (which is Star Trek)??? The lucky Massachusetts native in question is TOM BERGERON who is going to host the PROMAX Awards ceremony. Don’t miss out. And then stick around for the party afterwards brought to you by the fine folks at ET. Not the little guy from outer space. The show, silly! Heads up to CBS’ DELILAH LOUD for the party info.

Media Post has an interesting article about a possible answer to the “they skipped my TV spots” problem. Click here

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