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Friday, June 1, 2007

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June, June, June. It’s here already. Oy! How did that happen? June 1 marks the start of hurricane season. Which brings me to the first item….

About a week ago, had a great talk with New Orleans’ CHRIS MERRIFIELD. He’s the Creative Services Director for Belo’s legendary CBS affil down in NOLA, WWL. Chris is a real New Orleanean and contends he will be until the very end. Loves the food, the pace, telling you about it…you know. We talked about him being at the station as Production head and his promotion to creative (whenever you get to do creative things, it’s a promotion). Talked about the moves the station has had to make because of Katrina. Talked about the struggle, the good, the bad and the miracles the storm wrought. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, he sent me a link to one of the many things that happened to him during Katrina. Before you go any further, click HERE and then come back. Yep, Chris is a hero, a term he might cringe at upon hearing. Facts are facts, and from what I can tell and what I saw, he’s a team player who is the first to jump in (in this case, literally) and help out. Anybody remember seeing this video during the Katrina coverage on the WWL website? The WWL team was able to keep information coming throughout the entire storm and the deadly aftermath. Giving Chris a Well Dunne! for taking over the creative department seems relatively pale, so I’m declaring today CHRIS MERRIFIELD DAY. Watch your mail, Mr. M, for a Starbucks gift card, which you will use while giving yourself a well-deserved moment.

For those of you along the Eastern and Gulf Coasts, and that’s a LOT of folks, get your hurricane plan together now. Like Nike says: Do it.

Two favorites at NBC got promotions yesterday. How wonderful! ANNE NICHOLAS is the new Senior Director, Affiliate Advertising and Promotion Services, East Coast. ANDREW LUKA is now the Senior Director, Affiliate Advertising and Promotion Services, West Coast. A bi-coastal event. These two are wonderful to work with, professional, talented and creative. What great news. A great big Well Dunne! accompanied by applause is going out to you. The announcement comes via SCOTT CHASTAIN, who does a great job himself.

Speaking of New York, where many of you will be heading for PROMAX, comes word of a promotion for KELLIE GRUTKO. She now is a VP! VP of marketing to be precise. She’s in charge of a lot of areas, in particular creative services. It’s for Comcast Spotlight the ad sales division of Comcast Cable. Yep, I told you NY. Oh, her boss will continue to be VICKI LINS. Cool and Well Dunne!

Portland’s amazing animation firm LAIKA/house has added CYNTHIA BARTON RABE to the payroll. Her business card will read VP/CMO, Entertainment Division. CMO means Chief Marketing Officer. Her boss is CEO and President DALE WAHL. For those of us who remember when, LAIKA/house was at one time Vinton’s, noted for their claymation.

Want to learn about primetime and how the public views it in today’s Tons Of Choices World? Click here.

Coffee lovers, take note. The Hawaii Kona beans are budded out, but a drought has parched the coffee orchards in Kauai. Might want to stock up now. Lion Brand is an island company that offers wonderful selections, and they ship.

Think about this: “I have seen that in any great undertaking it is not enough for a man to depend simply upon himself” ~ Lone Man (Teton Sioux)

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