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Monday, June 4, 2007

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Welcoming a new writer producer to the fold is LOWELL BRIGGS, the CSD at WVTM, NBC 13 in Birmingham, Alabama. Joining the creative team is LINDSEY MANN, who at one time interned at the station. She’s a University of Alabama grad. Roll Tide! Great to hear about her real life gig in her chosen field. Well Dunne!

Found a great new title. I would love to see this on the business card. Muppet Captain for Sesame Street. It’s what KEVIN CLASH’s card reads and they’re adding Senior Creative Advisor to it as well.

Tres interessant, as they say in France. Check out the research on podcasts by clicking here.

Think about this: “Can you recall times when things have continually gone wrong? Or conversely, do you remember periods when everything turned out great? We may have attributed either of these times to “the breaks,” or to coincidence. But, by and large, either outcome is likely to have been influenced strongly by our attitudes, thoughts, feelings and perceptions.

And the good news is that we determine these – which means that ultimately we control our own destiny. Learning how to do so effectively is one of the fascinating challenges of life.”
~Ron Scott

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