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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

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Wahoo…let’s hear it for GREG STROUD, who has fab news to share with us all. Effective immediately, he’s been promoted to VP of Creative Services for Fine Living Network. Champagne is in order, as are congrats and a big ol’ Well Dunne! He’s on the fast track at his Knoxville-based biz locale. Glad to hear it!

Over in Ohio, we say Hello Columbus (reference Roth) and check out info from Ohio News Network, also known as Ohio News Now. ONN any way you slice it. The operation is part of the Dispatch Broadcast Group’s operation in Ohio’s capital, along with WBNS, the CBS affil. ONN has picked a producer who has worked his way up the ladder. GERRY PUCKETT started as morning part time editor for ONN then he was promoted to full-time status and moved to evenings, and eventually started shooting news and sports. A nod for his work from the Cleveland Press Club for best Editor for a piece led him to a Video Engineer job at AV Staging Group in California. He returned to ONN as a Fulltime Director / Master Control Operator before turning his attention to promotion, and now occupies the ONN Marketing Producer position. Thanks to CSD FRANK WILLSON and Promo Director DOUG JONES for the update.

RICHARD PREPLER got a boot upstairs at HBO. They put a whole new management structure in place and Richard finds himself a co-President of the “it’s not TV, its HBO” cable net. He shares the Presidential honors with two others. He’s been at HBO since ’92 and this is a great bit of news for him. Well Dunne!

CHRIS GAYTON has a new gig – VP of Marketing for Channel M. They’re the folks who do in-store TV networks and the ads, too. Chris will be doing all kinds of great marketing partnerships, including special ones with Old Navy.

Think about this: “God never fails the children of earth. Do not seek for things to work according to your desires; or for your circumstances to be arranged according to your earthly will. But have faith that God is leading you on the path to ultimate happiness.” ~ White Eagle

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