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Thursday, June 7, 2007

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My son Matt isn’t very impressed with “stars”. Tennis stars – kinda. But TV and movie stars, not so much. He views people in entertainment as just doing their job, only it entails being in front of a camera. No big whoop. However, there was one celeb who elicited major response from the normally laid-back offspring. A few years back, we were on the Ventura Freeway, on our way to Santa Barbara. Mid afternoon. A brightly colored full-size Cadillac passed us; windows rolled down – the driver happily motoring his way through the rarity of light LA traffic. Matt spied the driver and started babbling and bouncing up and down. (I once had a similar reaction when I pulled up next to Robert DeNiro in Hollywood.) In all the years he’s been around, I had only seen my child act this impressed way one time before – he was 2 when he shook the hand of Fred Bird, the St. Louis Cardinals mascot. So who was this driver who would elicit such a response? The Price if Right’s BOB BARKER. I mention it because Mr. B wound up his 35-year career yesterday when he taped his last The Price Is Right at Television City. Adios Bob. Fans of every demographic will miss you.

Speaking of people leaving the biz…chalk up another one who has put sweeps behind them. BONITA JEFFERIES has turned off the light in her office in Augusta, GA where she has been Promotions and Creative Services Manager at the CBS affil, WRDW. Here’s what she sent along to GRAEME NEWELL: I just wanted you to know that I am leaving this job and pursuing another career. It took some time…some crying…some praying…and some kind of stress….but it was time and I felt this was the right move. I am the Marketing Director for a technical college and am looking forward to the challenge….I will definitely keep in touch with you to keep abreast of what is going on in the television business and go on your website to see some cool spots…it is in my blood so I know I will have to go though some television detox….. 🙂

Just for those who think there’s no life after TV, here’s two words. SUE RAYMER. After being in the creative drivers seat at KCOP in LA and a VP at MGM in their creative services department, she’s now at The Hollywood Reporter. Doing, as Tony the Tiger would say, Grrreeeeaaat. As a matter of fact, she’s going to the AFI salute to Al Pacino tonight. Lucky girl!

Think about this: “Every day is a new beginning. Treat it that way. Stay away from what might have been, and look at what can be.” ~ Marsha Petrie Sue

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  • Aw…you wrote about me. How sweet! Yes, the AFI tribute to Al “fucking” Pacino as Robin Williams called him was a night to remember. And I will also remember the hour I waited in line to get my valet parked car, the rolling suitcase of a goody bag – the lobby looked like the security line at LAX and the fabulous meal by Wolfgang himself. And I did see Wolfie in his strained white Chef’s jacket supervising. This was the ultimate schmooze-a-rama with business cards flying during the breaks. All in all, a night to remember. Love to the blogger and film at 11.