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Monday June 11, 2007

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Most of you won’t read this today because you’re enroute to PROMAX/BDA in NYC. Such was my plan, but alas…the sprained right ankle is not cooperating with my “I want it to stop hurting and feel better NOW” desires. And no, I don’t have patience and never did. At any rate, I’ll still be available daily right here with info, because not everybody in the biz actually does get to do the convention. And with the new technology, the presentations can be yours après in quick order. See PROMAX’s website for details.

Big news out of Market 10. RITA NAZARENO, the Creative Services Director of NBC affil KPRC in Houston, TX is resigning. She came to the “Space City” [note: other Houston nicknames include “City with a Big Heart” for the Katrina relief efforts, “City of Syrup” from Big Moe’s hip hop recording, and the unattributed “Screwston”] a little over a year ago from LA, where she produced promos for FOX. She’s quitting the TV biz and going back to the Phillipines to run the family business. As they say, another one bites the dust. No word on her replacement except that they are looking.

Think about this: “There is a source of divine guidance that exists within you and it will help you to fulfill every heart’s desire of your being. Your soul can speak to and through you, giving voice to the aspirations of your heart. Listen there. You can find it!” ~ Greg Barrette

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