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Monday, June 25, 2007

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Today marks the beginning of Week #2 for MARK LEACH, the new creative services writer-producer at Hearst’s NBC affiliate WXII, located in the hyphenated market of Winston-Salem/High Point/Greensboro. All North Carolina, darlin’. A native of nearby Richmond, Virginia, Mark has been promo’ing up at Nexstar’s Rochester duopoly, WROC / WHEC, the CBS and FOX affiliates, respectively. Spent 7 years there and, frankly, just never could adjust to the winters. So, when WXII CSD MARK STRAND found himself in need of a creative, Mark L was hot to trot. And so the story goes. Mr. Leach is a Mac man, computer-wise and stops by two websites daily to keep up with things: CNN for that global view and 602 Communications to see what other folks are up to. In his spare time, he skateboards. Yep, he’s the one that made the shopping center owners put up those signs. But hey…Mark says he only skateboards late at night, like 3am. Glad to hear all that good energy has found a new home. Well Dunne! to both Marks.

Ouch! A broken toe is keeping LYNN CONLON, Director of Programming and Promotions, from jogging the white sand beaches of St. Petersburg, FL. Lynn’s at Hearst’s MORE-TV 32 and got the broken toe on a station shoot this last week. All this could have been avoided if the right candidate for their open Promotion Manager slot had been found sooner. Lynn is still on the lookout. Someone with steel toe boots, perhaps? Sending you our best, Lynn.

Think about this: “The more efficient a force is, the more silent and the more subtle it is.” ~ mahatma Gandhi

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