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Friday, June 29, 2007

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Now, IMF doesn’t always mean International Monetary Fund. IMF is also a company that means International Music Feed. They’ve picked up LISA BROWN from The Tennis Channel, where she was Affiliate Marketing. At IMF, she’ll have biz cards that read Sr. Director of Marketing. Cool.

4th of July time everybody! Now that I’m punching my own time clock (Ok, more accurately my clients’ time clocks) I can unplug my mac, pack it up in the stylishly chic leather case, and take it anywhere I want to go. Which is the plan. So let’s everybody have fun – watch fireworks, eat bar-b-q and count lightening bugs. See you after the holiday!

“Seize this day, this moment. And if you choose to do the right thing now, if you just make a decision to try, then change begins. When the next moment comes, all you have to do is repeat that decision, maintain the course, and perseverance will take root and grow.” ~ Patrice Gaines

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