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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

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Heading back to Dallas and a great new job is RONNE ROCK, one of my favorite people. She’ll be taking leave of her KXAN Austin job as Director of Marketing and Creative Services. Yes, she’s leaving behind the fine folks at LIN’s NBC affil in the Texas capital, What would make her give up Austin living, you ask? She’ll be Marketing Director of Buckner International. Buckner does a lot, and it all is “stars in your halo” work. It is a globally oriented ministry to orphans and at-risk children that responds to children in need through humanitarian aid, volunteer missions opportunities, community enrichment and prevention programs, an international network of residential, foster care and transitional ministries, domestic and international adoption, and support programs for children living in orphanages in other countries. Buckner is one of the largest social ministry organizations of its kind in the United States. WOW…this is such an exciting new direction for Ronne. We all wish her all the best and send a huge Well Dunne! Will miss her like mad! In the meantime, TISH SALIANI is sitting in as interim at KXAN. More info coming up.

Another one saying goodbye to TV promotion is ANDY SCHWABE, who’ll be handing off his gig as Promotion Manager at Raycom’s Richmond, Virginia’s CBS affil, WTVR. To quote the soon-be-be Dad for the second time (daughter #2 is coming along in October), he’s drinking his own corporate Kool-Aid and has bought a new kind of business, which he’ll run. It will be “all toddlers all the time”. Andy is now CEO of Kidzworld/RompNRoll. That sounds like such fun! He’s made his little girl Addie VP of Research, Development and Equipment testing. Cute. Will miss you, too Andy! All the best.

Sigh…anybody staying IN the entertainment marketing biz? Let me know!

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