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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

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The musical chairs continue in big D Little FW. LARRY WATZMAN is now the Director Marketing & Brand Development for NBC Univeral’s KXAS, which is physically located in Ft. Worth, just west of Dallas. That last part was for the folks who are geographically-challenged. Larry makes the move from his Director of On-Air Promotion slot at Belo’s ABC affil, WFAA. Before grabbing Texas by the horns, Larry and family were living in Philly where he was VP of Creative for Comcast’s CN8. He’s also put in his time as a producer for CNN. But wait! There’s more…come November, the Watzman family will grow by one new little boy. Larry, wife HARLIKA and 2 year-old LUC will be welcoming the newest Watzman. Forgot to ask if there was a name picked out. A huge Well Dunne! to a talented man and a happy family.

Meanwhile, out at KNBC in LA, word comes that the Creative Services Director slot has been cancelled. They won’t be replacing JENNIFER BERNARD in the slot of CSD. Sounds to me like a title shuffle, with someone to step in for hands-on writing and producing without the exact moniker. GINGER ZUMETA is still VP of Creative Services.

“If you have a fixed mindset, you believe that your talents and abilities are set in stone–either you have them or you don’t. You must prove yourself over and over, trying to look smart and talented at all costs. This is the path of stagnation. If you have a growth mindset, however, you know that talents can be developed and that great abilities are built over time. This is the path of opportunity–and success.” ~ Greg Barrette

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