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Monday, July 23, 2007

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News Broadcast Network, or NBN as they like to call it, has added a star to their production staff. Manhattanite BAIDER BERKSON is now a Sr. Producer at the NYC based locale. She has done work for HBO, History Channel, ABC, MTV and Food Network, all with her Tufts U diploma in hand. Also coming onboard is KATHLEEN LACORTE, who’s getting her feet wet as a Media Placement Specialist for the radio tour division of the company. She’s a Jersey Girl hailing from Somerset and did an internship at CBS Evening News. Well Dunne! ladies and keep up posted on how things are going.

Those fine folks at FOX who are promoting, publicizing and marketing The Simpsons Movie…what a great job they’re doing. And they’re proving that TV marketing and film marketing are the same thing, based on the trailers and TV spots I’ve seen. As they used to say…same song, different key. It should open career possibilities for creatives who yearn to be in film. It sure should. And kudos to the creative who arranged the Ben & Jerry’s special flavor: Duffs & D’Ohnuts – a combo of chocolate and cream stout ice cream with glazed chocolate doughnuts, sure to appeal to Homer Simpson. Sorry if you missed it…it was a one-day-only offering and only up in the special Vermont town where Springfield is.

“There is nothing wrong with wanting to have moments of comfort or effortless compatibility in our relationships or careers. But what gets most of us into trouble is when we are driven by an addictive need to always feel good about every little thing in our lives, thus stopping the very thing that would give us the good feelings that we so desperately crave: the striving and stretching that connotes learning and growth! We can shift from the self-limiting mindset of comfort and stasis to the growth-producing one of evolution and learning.” ~ Greg Barrette

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