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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

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That Hallelujah Chorus you hear is for KEVIN WAGNER, who has just been named VP of Creative Services for Atlanta-based Gospel Music Channel. Kevin’s last gig was with Turner Broadcasting’s New Products Group, where he did digital video content for all those new things under the broadband banner. He was Director of Promotion at Turner South, Senior Writer/Producer for Tribune Creative Services Group, VP of Creative Advertising for Miramax Films and Creative Services Manager for Tribune’s New York City station, WPIX. Well Dunne! Kevin. Congrats.

PROMAX and BDA have news. Great news from what I can tell. JILL LINDEMAN has come aboard to become General Manager of the whole shebang after consulting for the MI6 and New York conferences. Both shows were a hit. Jill is a long time PROMAX/BDA member herself who has walked a lot of miles in the shoes of a creative. Before hanging out her own shingle as a consultant, she was the VP Creative Director for Disney ABC Cable Networks, where she oversaw all of the kids’ platforms and, most notably, the launch of the High School Musical phenomenon, as well as the creation of the Disney Channel Games. In addition to the mouse, she’s worked for BBC Broadcast, Amassmedia, Ltd., Razorfish, Inc. and Lee Hunt Associates. She holds a degree from Seattle University.

But wait…there’s more! PROMAX and BDA have some new board assignments to share. BRETT ASHY, President of the company that bears his name, the Ashy Agency, is the new Chairperson of the BDA Board of Governors. The immediate past chairman is STEVE KAZANJIAN of DZN where he’s VP, Creative & Stragety. The amazing MIKE BENSON is making it a hat trick, beginning his third term as PROMAX Chair. Way to go Mr. B! He’s the EVP of Marketing for ABC Entertainment, btw. That’s Steve and Mike pictured. ADAM STOTSKY, SciFi Channel’s SCP of Marketing & Creative is taking LEE HUNT’s spot on the Board as Vice Chair. Lee’s had his hands full wrangling the organization while they look for a new #1. And LESLI ROTENBERG is PROMAX Board Secretary now with SCOTT CHASTAIN the PROMAX Treasurer. Lesli is PBS’ SVP Brand Management, Promotion and Media Relations while Scott is VP of The NBC Agency’s Entertainment Division. Well Dunne! one and all.

Attention – Attention! Calling all people who have worked at NBC in San Diego. Yes, if you were ever an employee of Channel 39, the NBC O&O, there’s a huge reunion planned. Still not too late to check it out. Go to this site quick: www.forever39.com and you can register, see where people are today, and just enjoy. Great job on the site thanks to our pal RONN KILBY, who is working hard at the Pond near San Diego. Well Dunne! Ronn.

All the film buffs among us will miss LASZLO KOVACS, the amazing Director of Cinematography whose works included “Easy Rider” and “Five Easy Pieces”. He passed away in his sleep on Saturday night.

Think about this: Nothing you can’t spell will ever work. ~ Will Rogers

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