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Friday, July 27, 2007

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ANDREA LAIGN is the winner of the “What TV show had JIM ANDERSON as a star” quiz from yesterday’s posting. She correctly identified the show as FATHER KNOWS BEST. Andrea is one of the red-hot Creatives who writes and produces at Albritton’s ABC affil in DC, WJLA. Shout out to STAN MELTON JR, her boss. And for those of you who ignored the Trivia question, you lost out on a $5 Starbuck gift certificate. So there.

So just who did those amazing graphics for the LIVE EARTH event? The Nth Degree. Isn’t that a great name? Yeah, it is. The New York based group designed all the on-air graphics for the AL GORE inspired event. Or, as they said, they put their creative juices together “from concept to concert”. Nth Degree’s total design package incorporates all on-air graphics: program open and close (which are network specific with end pages), bumpers, lower-thirds, backgrounds, 20 factoids, 20 “Calls to Action”, sponsor cards, transitions and wipes, country IDs and web address sponsor cards, and on-site Jumbotrons in each of the 9 cities, as well as a customized promo tool kit for each country. And get this…they did the whole job in less than the 53 days the EARTH folks had envisioned. Creative AND fast…wow. Nth Degree’s principals are DAVID EDELSTEIN, ARLAN SMITH and TONY KADILLAK. The Design team includes Executive Creative Director BOB ENGLISH, Senior Designer EVE LIM, producer ROB MEYERS, five designers, animators and editors.

STEPHEN ARNOLD MUSIC (SAM to those who look for nicknames) the Dallas based music company has delivered two new custom music packages. On the receiving end of the great notes are LIN’s NBC Affil in Austin, Texas KXAN and Las Vegas One. Arnold’s composers worked with LEE MINARD at Las Vegas One, where they created themes for News at 9, Face to Face and In Business. More themes will get to glitter city this fall. KXAN’s custom music went hand in hand with the station rebrand of “Austin’s News” and used the string section of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. RONNE ROCK, who recently took a new job in Dallas working with a children’s charity, was the main creative in that rebrand.

Lots of local station news on the horizon. Everybody is waiting for a final signature or a start date before I can spill all the good news about jobs across the country. So don’t miss out. Bookmark Well Dunne! and you won’t be left in the dust. Don’t forget to share info as well. Kate (at) welldunne.net will get to me quick as can be.

Think about this: “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” ~ Aristotle

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